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At Adapt Pest we pride ourselves at protecting your home from all unwanted pests. Our equipment, products and techniques are ultra-modern and effective, saving the environment, your family and pets from nasty chemicals.


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Our technicians are trained in the latest methods and technology. All technicians have Cert 3 in Pest Management.

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Our professional technicians use safe pest control technologies and treatments, keeping all your family and pets safe.

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We live where we work, we know the area and the common pest issues. We are conveniently close; therefore, we will arrive on time, every time.

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We strive to have the best service at the most affordable price.

Our Promise

We promise to carry out a thorough, safe and effective treatment for our recommended pest service. Leaving your home in the same condition as before we arrived, with the added bonus of any pests managed as necessary.

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Being the most commonly feared pest, spiders can look scary and dangerous to a lot of people. However, most spiders are harmless and are actually more scared of us. The most common spiders in Australia are: Redback, Daddy Long Legs, Black House Spider, Funnel Web and White Tail. We are more than happy to provide you with a safe treatment to control and reduce the impact they might be having in your household.

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Fleas feed on the blood of animals and humans in their adult life. With over 70 different species in Australia the most common are the cat and dog fleas. They can stay dormant for several months waiting for vibrations that may spark them into activity. The adult flea can survive for up to four months without a blood feed. If you would like to discuss the treatment we provide for fleas, any concerns you might have regarding your pets or you are unsure how to address this, we are here to assist.

Mice & Rodents

Unfortunately, rodents and mice like to live in roof and wall cavities. They can produce multiple litters a year quickly taking over your home. The telltale way to distinguish rats from mice is their droppings. Rats have larger droppings, around 12mm - 18mm in length. Mice having much smaller droppings as well as leaving urine stains. Mice and rodents can be very frustrating pest for you to effectively remove from your home. We can do this for you and we're more than happy to discuss the treatments available for peace of mind.

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Worker ants can become a nuisance because they travel far and wide in search for food, once found they follow trails and cluster round the food source. Attracted to sweet or fatty substances most commonly in kitchens, pantries, bathrooms and bedrooms. Their nests can be found almost anywhere inside or outside your house. We can effectively address ant nests and any trails you have encountered with our specific ant treatments, with very positive outcomes.

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Cockroaches like to be in dark undisturbed places. If they are out in the open its usually at night and when your turn the light on you'll see them dart away trying to find a dark place. With a large infestation you can smell a odour coming from them. Infestations are most commonly in the kitchen, droppings are normally visible on the hinges inside cupboards and drawers. They are extreme breeders and if you see any signs, a thorough pest treatment needs to be carried out.

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Bed Bugs

A Bed Bug infestations is most commonly detected from the welts and irritation to the skin caused by the bites, and the blood spots on pillowcases, sheets and mattresses. Hiding spots are in seams of mattresses, bed frames and fabric stitching. In extreme cases they can be found in picture frames, light switches, drapes and furniture upholstery. Due to the wide-ranging areas bed bugs can reside, we have effective treatments to address all areas, allowing you a peaceful night's sleep.

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